Before you decide to purchase Cup2000 you should download and evaluate the free demo (click here to download the free demo). The free demo allows you to test all functions in Cup2000, except outputting to a printer or PDF-files. However, all print-outs can be viewed on the screen, where they will appear exactly as they will on paper. To enable output to a printer and PDF-files you must purchase a licence.

You can purchase your Cup2000 licence using secure online credit card payment. We accept MasterCard and VISA.

Immediately after you have completed the payment we will send you an email with your licence key. In other words, you can be up and running in a few minutes!

To purchase a licence, click on the button in the table below corresponding to the licence type that you want.

Unlimited Licence.
Full functionality and licence NEVER expires.
USD 195.00
1 Year Limited Licence.
Full functionality, but the licence will expire one year after purchase.
USD 45.00

25% Danish VAT may be added for customers residing in the European Union. VAT will NOT be added for other customers.

See terms and conditions.