Features for planning the tournament

Publish on cup2000.com
The tournament program can be published online on cup2000.com where it can be downloaded as a pdf-file or viewed directly as webpages. Webpages can be viewed on any device (smartphone, tablet or desktop computer).

Export to PDF
All print-outs in Cup2000 can be directed to the printer or a PDF-file. PDF-files can be used for direct publishing on the internet.

Unlimited number of events
A tournament in Cup2000 may not only contain the 5 main events (men's/women's singles/doubles and mixed doubles), but may also contain separate events for example for players of different strength (Men's Singles A, Men's Singles B, etc.) or players of different age (Men's Singles U/15, Men's Singles U/13 etc.). The tournament may contain any number and combination of events!

Import of player names and rankings
Player names and rankings as well as names and addresses of member associations can be imported from a file. This makes it a lot easier and faster to add entries to the different events, because players can just be picked from a list instead of having to type all the information needed (name, ranking etc.).

Name assistant
When a player name has been entered once in one event (or imported from a file as described above), you will not have to type that name again. When you want to add the same player to another event, the name assistant allows you to pick the name from a list instead of typing the whole name. Once you type the first character in the name, a list appears containing all names matching this first character. You may then narrow down the list by typing a few more characters or simply picking a name from the list.

Different tournament systems
Cup2000 supports different knock-out tournament systems:

  • Knock-out.
  • Pool (round-robin).
    The pool tournament system is very flexible and can be set up for different group sizes, no play-off, one play-off or multiple play-offs and different rules for advancing to play-off(s)
  • Swiss Ladder.
    Variable number of rounds that can be changed anytime.

Cup2000 supports up to 16 seedings per event. When the entries have been added to an event, seedings are specified simply by picking from the list of players/pairs entered into that event. The list can be sorted according to ranking, which make the seeding process very simple!

Cup2000 can automatically carry out the draw, but also allows you to do it manually. The automatic draw allows you to choose to separate players representing the same member association. If you choose to use separation, the draw will place players representing the same member association so that they will meet as late as possible in the tournament. For example, 2 players representing the same member association will be placed in different half’s, 4 players will be placed in different quarters etc.

Control of entries
Cup2000 provides functions for performing different checks on the entries (e.g. max. one entry in one event for one player, no. of entries in different events for one player not exceeding a specified maximum etc.) and functions for printing entries with different sorting and grouping.

Match schedule
Match scheduling, i.e. determining the order and times of all matches, can be a very complicated and time-consuming task without the right tool. Cup2000 makes this easy for you. In a simple way it allows you to spread matches on different days and locations, determine within each day and location the order of the matches and then automatically calculates match number and time for each match based on an average match duration that you decide. When determining match order within each day/location, Cup2000 has a set of standard rules that may be applied, and Cup2000 constantly shows a list of potentially conflicting matches (= two different matches scheduled more or less at the same time and with one or more players participating in both matches).

Score sheets
Cup2000 supports printing score sheets in different formats. A score sheet is a sheet of paper that for one match contains name of event, match number, names of players and space reserved for manually filling in scores for each game. A score sheet is typically given to the umpire or players before the match, filled in by the umpire or players during or after the match, and returned to the tournament administration after the match.

Program layout
Cup2000 allows you to fully control the layout of the final tournament program. You may specify the order in which the different events will appear, split events on multiple pages, specify font and many other formatting parameters determining how the events will appear, AND you may insert free text and image sections as well as inserting auto-generated sections containing a list of players and overall match schedule. During the layout process, your changes will constantly be shown in a preview on the screen that appears exactly as the program appears on paper.

If there is an entry fee attached to participation in the tournament, Cup2000 can print invoices for each member association specifying the total fee to be paid as well as the individual fees for each player and each event. The sizes of the fees are specified by you for each event securing maximum flexibility.

Prize calculation
Cup2000 can calculate the number of prizes required based on rules that you specify for each event.

Features for playing the tournament

Live score
Standings and match results can be viewed continously on www.cup2000.com during the tournament on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Court and match administration
Courts and matches are easily managed in Cup2000. Constantly an overview of courts and next matches to be played is given. For each court information about the current match on that court is displayed. The list of next matches to be played is by default ordered according to scheduled time, but may freely be changed by the user. A new match is simply started by transferring the match from the list of next matches to be played to the selected court.

Conflicting matches
Cup2000 keeps track of conflicting matches (matches that cannot be played currently, because one or more players are already playing another match). On the list of next matches to play, conflicting matches are clearly highlighted and marked with information on the court(s) that causes the conflict.

Interval administration
Cup2000 also keeps track of matches that cannot currently be played, because one or more players are still entitled to an interval. These matches are clearly highlighted and marked with information on when the interval expires. When the interval expires, the highlighting is automatically removed.

Withdrawals and substitutions
In case of a withdrawal from one or more players/pairs Cup2000 provides an easy-to-use function for pointing out these players/pairs. Withdrawn players/pairs are automatically marked in the result program and their opponents in the first match will automatically be appointed as winners and transferred to the next match. Substitutions can be inserted for any individual player or pair. Substitutions are automatically marked in the result program.

Results of matches are easily entered, and Cup2000 automatically advances the winner to the next match for knock-out events and automatically calculates group rankings for pool events and advances group winners to play-offs.

Result program
At any time the tournament program may be printed containing results for each match that has been played. Cup2000 allows you to fully control the layout of the tournament program: You may specify the order in which the different events will appear, split events on multiple pages, specify font and many other formatting parameters determining how the events will appear. Like all other print-outs in Cup2000, the tournament program may be exported to a PDF-file or HTML-file for direct publishing on the internet.

Automatic or manual printing of score sheets
When results from matches are entered, the winning player/pair is automatically advanced to the next match (knock-out events) making the next match ready to be played. Score sheets can be printed automatically as soon as new matches become ready, or you may choose to print score sheets manually.

Multiple locations
Cup2000 supports tournaments that are played at same time at different locations and managed from different computers. The results and other information entered in one computer can easily be imported into another computer.

Print ranking lists and ranking point lists
When the tournament has been completed, Cup2000 can print a list containing the final ranking for each event, and a list containing ranking points awarded for each event to each player/pair based on rules that are user definable.