Software for your Tennis Tournament

With Cup2000 you get the right tennis tournament software system which easily manage and update your tournament. You probably know how time consuming managing a tournament the “hard and old way” is and how frustrating it can be to update results in a timely matter. Cup2000 is designed for managing the tennis tournament but at the same time update results for the participants and spectators with livescore online.

Cup2000 has proven its success for a long time and offers a long list of functions:

It supports several tennis tournament types like:

  • Knock-out/elimination
  • Swiss ladder
  • Round-robin with optional play-offs

Cup2000 takes care of ALL aspects of managing your tennis tournament before and during the tournament. You can manually add participants or input them from a file (ex. Excel) to make things easier. The system also takes care of seedings and drawings and updates automatically if you make changes.

When your tournament is ready you can upload it, and make it public online and your players (and others) can download your program as a pdf.

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Live score

During the tournament, all your updates and results are published online automatically so players and other interested parties can follow results and standings online as they are posted and live. You can access livescore on a smartphone, tablet og desktop computer.

This is a great service for the players and spectators but it also saves the tournament management a lot of time, since results and standings inquiries will be much lower. It’s a solution where everyone benefits.

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Badminton Denmark
Badminton Denmark
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Norways Badminton Federation
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Danish Tennis Veterans