Terms and conditions

When you purchase a license to Cup2000 it is granted to the registered organisation. The registered organisation is permitted to install and run Cup2000 on any number of computers for the purpose of planning or running tournaments for which the registered organisation is the official organiser, and ONLY for this purpose. Organisations that have other organisations as members are NOT permitted to pass on the Cup2000 licence to the member organisations. Each member organisation must purchase its own licence. As an example can be given a regional or national federation that has local clubs as members. The regional or national federation is only permitted to use its licence for e.g. regional and national championships of which the regional or national federation is officially the organiser. For local tournaments arranged by local clubs, the local clubs must purchase their own licence .

The name of the registered organisation is printed on all print-outs. It is NOT IN ANY CASE permitted to remove this name. The name must appear on ALL published or otherwise distributed documents produced or partly produced by Cup2000.

When purchasing a Cup2000 licence, the customer thereby acknowledges having downloaded, evaluated AND ACCEPTED the functionality of the free demo. When the payment has been completed, an email is sent to the customer containing the licence key that will open up the full functionality of Cup2000. The purchase is then FINAL, i.e. NO REFUND can take place.

Cup2000 can NOT IN ANY CASE be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of an error or malfunction in the Cup2000 software. NO claim can exceed the amount paid for the Cup2000 licence.