New in Cup2000

December 2022, Version 10.90

  1. Prize administration now supports 3rd prizes in all tournament formats (previously only supported in cup/elimination)
  2. Changing the order of classes is now possible.

April 2021, Version 10.83

  1. Improvements to the function "Change draw".
  2. License issued for the Danish version can now also be used with the English version and vice versa.
  3. Bug fix: if was possible to select a tournament system that resulted in a play-off with only one player which obviously makes no sense. It is no longer possible.

June 2019, Version 10.7

  1. Info-screen: You can now show ongoing and upcoming matches on an external monitor.

March 2019, Version 10.6

  1. You can now scroll with the mouse wheel.
  2. Fixed layout problems on screens with scaling set to 125 % or above
  3. Confirmal of withdrawals can now also be done from "Match List"
  4. Added export to csv-file of seedings.
  5. In "Send to Email recipient" players in specific events can now be addressed.

May 2018, Version 10.1

  1. "Invoice" report: Option to only save onvoice lines with missing or excess payments when saving to file.
  2. Default zoom factor now set to 75 % in "Layout and print" and many other print-outs.
  3. Fixed errror in "Import results from file", if the function was executed while the tournament was in progress. In this case live score could get out of sync.
  4. Fixed error in group tournaments in case of exactly 5 players and group size 3/2 or 2/3 was selected. In this case one group with 5 players would be created.

March 2018, Version 10.0

  1. Improvements to Match Schedule:
    • Matches in same class or event as the active match are marked.
    • Matches in conflict with the active match are marked
    • Insert break between matches
    • Sort selected matches
  2. Automatic reduction of resolution of large images when publishing to pdf
  3. “Send e-mail” now supports saving to a csv-file that can be used in mail-merge in Microsoft Word for sending out individual mails.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

August 2017, Version 9.95

  1. Print out now supports groups and swiss ladder that spreads over multiple pages.
  2. Fixed bug in bronze matches: Was sorted incorrectly when published on

June 2017, Version 9.9

  1. More informations published to
    • Next matches (upcoming matches) with indication of conflicts and intervals.
    • Start time of ongoing matches.

May, Version 9.8

  1. In "Classes" you can now set fees, rules and price settings for all classes in one operation.
  2. In "Program / Layout and printing" you can now save graphics to a file.

April 2017, Version 9.7

  1. Fixed bug that occurred when torunament system was changed after play had started.

April 2017, Version 9.6

  1. Fixed bug that occurred when publishing af tournament where not all matches had been scheduled.

February 2017, Version 9.5

  1. Fixed bug concerning failure to update web pages on, if you had started play and not published changes to registrations and matches

January 2017, Version 9.4

  1. Fixed bug concerning details of group standings in live score being reset when running the tournament simultaneously on multiple pc's.

November 2016, Version 9.3

  1. Tournament System: you can now select tournament system for multiple or all events in the same operation.

September 2016, Version 9.2

  1. Venues: you can now register venues with name and address that are shown on if you publish the tournament.
  2. In the play window, you can now see matches from multiple periods in the same view sorted by match time.
  3. In match periods, you can now register venue and first sequence number.
  4. In “Match Schedule”, group number is now shown for matches in the pool tournament system.
  5. In the program print, matches in the pool tournament system is now shown sorted by match time.

May 2016, Version 9.12

  1. Match Schedule: Now detect conflicts in different periods
  2. Score Sheets: Filter on date and time added
  3. Score Sheets: Both match number and match time is now printed
  4. Layout and print: It is now optional to print program numbers in the programme. Program numbers is the numbers (1,2,3,…) assigned to players in the draw. These numbers can be confused with the players place in the group standing for group tournaments.
  5. Live score on Cup2000 website: Improved support for running the tournament on multiple computers
  6. Import from text file: Now supports import from Excel-files
  7. Print to html-format is no longer supported.
  8. Fixed error in Swiss Ladder tournament system that resulted in players would meet two times.
  9. Fixed error in "Import from text file" when a text file in ANSI format was imported
  10. Fixed error when publishing an event with an empty title.

March 2016, Version 9.11

  1. Fixed bug if you tried to publish a program larger than the limit on 3MB. In this case you would not get an error message as you should.
  2. Fixed bug if you started publishing a program and then clicked "Cancel" while waiting for response from the server. If you then clicked "Publish" you could get "Internal server error".

March 2016, Version 9.10

  1. Now supports screen settings with enlarged font, which is the default setting on many laptops with Windows 10 and a Full HD screen.
  2. Improved the user interface for "Classes", "Clubs" and "Match List".
  3. Fixed bug in the Swiss Ladder tournament system where matches cancelled due to withdrawn players were not removed from "Upcoming Matches".
  4. Fixed bug introduced in version 9.00 in the result entry window.

February 2016, Version 9.00

  1. Publish on Cup2000 website can now both publish the program in pdf format (as before) and now also as web pages:
    • Web pages can be viewed on smartphone, tablet and PC.
    • Show times for all matches and results of played matches one place
    • Show standings in all classes
    • Updates automatically.
    • Show all matches a player participates in all classes.
    • Show ongoing battles
    See Example:
  2. New function "Periods" to edit periods direcly without having to go through "Match Schedule". This is now also possible when play has been started.
  3. In "Change draw" group divisions are now indicated.
  4. In "Send e-mail" you can now copy the selected mailaddresses to the clipboard and paste them into your mailclient.

August 2015, Version 8.00

  1. New tournament system: Swiss Ladder.

May 2015, Version 7.35

  1. Fixed bug in "Match schedule" when scheduling matches in pool/pool/knock-out events

April 2015, Version 7.34

  1. Add new column "Sequence no" to file format for "Export matches to file"
  2. Fixed bug in "Import results from file"
  3. Fixed bug in "Match schedule" when scheduling matches in pool/knock-out events with 2 play-offs and bronze match selected.

January 2015, Version 7.31

  1. Matches with 1 set/game now supported.

August 2014, Version 7.30

  1. Minor bug fix

March 2014, Version 7.21

  1. Minor fix to the calculation of results list and ranking points for the tournament system pool-pool-knock-out.

April 2014, Version 7.23

  1. "Export matches to file": Added new column containing state of match (played, ongoing, announced or none).

March 2014, Version 7.21

  1. Minor fix to the calculation of results list and ranking points for the tournament system pool-pool-knock-out.

January 2014, Version 7.20

  1. The Play Window is now shown as a tabbed page instead of as a separate window.
  2. New function added: "Export matches to file".
  3. When match results are corrected this no longer restarts the interval that the involved players are entitled to. Interval is set only the first time the match result is entered.
  4. Menu item "License" has been replaced by menu item "Help" and a menu item "User Manual" has been added.

September 2013, Version 7.13

  1. Fixed bug in scheduling of bronze matches.

September 2013, Version 7.12

  1. The tournament system Pool-Pool-Knock-out now allows up to 3 players advancing from each preliminary group to the middle play-off.

April 2013, Version 7.00

  1. In Prize Administration, players that are busy playing matches are marked.
  2. Upcoming matches in the Play Window is now marked with "Final", Semi-final" etc. and interval timestamps are are now shown for each individual player.

October 2012, Version 6.53

  • Fixed bug introduced in version 6.52 when opening a tournament that was created with version 6.50/6.51. In some cases groups and group matches could be changed.

October 2012, Version 6.52

  • Fixed bug introduced in version 6.50 when calling "Move entries" from the "Entries" dialog. The bug did not occur when called directly from the menu.

October 2012, Version 6.51

  • Fixed bug in version 6.50 that could occur when changing tournament system to pool/knock-out.

October 2012, Version 6.50

  • New function: Import entries from text file.
  • New function: Automatic seedings in all events based on built-in rules.
  • Maximum number of seedings raised to 64 and rules for seedings made more flexible.
  • “Bronze match”, i.e. match between the loosers of the two semi-finals.
  • “Move entries” now supports moving between different categories, or example from ladies singles to men’s singles.
  • Draw with club separation can now be selected independently for seeded players and non-seeded players.
  • Manuel pairing of dummy entries now lists the players sorted according to time of registration.
  • When searching the ranking file gender can now be selected. Before the gender was fixed from the event category (for example you could only search for men in men’s singles). 9. E-mail added to the export file for clubs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

January 2010, Version 5.22

  • Fixed bug in "Print Control Lists" -> "Copy" (to clipboard).

November 2009, Version 5.21

  • Cup2000 has been tested with Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug when converting text sections from older versions of Cup2000 to the new RichText format.

November 2009, Version 5.20

  • Rich Text (RTF) support in program layout: Text sections, header and footer text can now contain Rich Text i.e. text where each word or character can have different formatting with respect to font type, size, style and colour as you know it from word processors like Microsoft Word or Microsoft WordPad. Actually you can now copy text from your favourite word processor into Cup2000.
  • Knock-out Play-offs in pool (round-robin) tournaments can now spread over multiple pages in program layout.
  • Time schedule in program layout can now spread over multiple pages.
  • The editable text fields in invoice printing now support rich text (RTF).
  • “Import results from a file” now also supports import of awarded prizes from the prize administration.
  • Invoice printing no longer adds a fee for events with only one participant.
  • Solved a problem introduced in version 5.00 with some graphics files when printing to pdf in program layout.
  • Solved a problem in the automatic update of Cup2000 when using Windows Vista. Before you needed to run Cup2000 as administrator in order to do the automatic update, but now you will get a prompt from Windows Vista to accept. This will have effect from the next update after version 5.20.

October 2009, Version 5.11

  • Bug fix: Events with exactly 1 player/pair could result in 'range check error'

October 2009, Version 5.10

  • Substitute List: New function to administrate players who are willing and ready to enter events as substitutes in case of withdrawals.
  • Prize Administration: New function to keep track of prizes, i.e. who has won the different prizes that can be setup and which prizes are ready be awarded and which prizes has been awarded. The function also gives a reminder when prizes are ready to be awarded.
  • Print of score sheets can now be limited to a specific period, class and/or event.
  • “Import results from file” now supports events where the matches have been spread over different periods.
  • “Show all results” now displays a list of all matches. The list can be limited to a specific period, class, event, match number and/or player name. The list can be printed and saved to a csv-file. This match list can also be activated from the main window in the planning stage.
  • Prize calculation now supports 5th – 8th prizes.
  • In “Update entries with new ranking information” entries can now be moved to another class.
  • Print of invoices now supports export of invoice details to a csv-file
  • Support of large fonts. Cup2000 used to have a problem on screens setup to large fonts (120 DPI), but this has been fixed now.
  • A simple check on results has now been added.

January 2009, Version 4.15

  • In case of withdrawal from one player/pair in a group match, withdrawal from this player/pair is now automatically registered in subsequent group matches.
  • Bug fix: In case of withdrawal from both players in a play-off match, confimation of the withdrawal was not registered the next time the file was loaded.

October 2008, Version 4.13

  • Bug fix: Confimation of withdrawals in play-off tournaments was "forgotten" next time the file was loaded.

July 2008, Version 4.10

  • Windows Vista is now fully supported. To update from version 3.26 on Windows Vista you must download and run the full installation. The automatic update function in Cup2000 does not work when updating from version 3.26 on Windows Vista. The automatic update function works perfectly on other Windows versions and will also work on Windows Vista when updating from version 4.10 and later versions.
  • Match Schedule function greatly improved:
    • Improved user interface with matches organised in a tree view for better overview.
    • More flexible scheduling of matches. Before matches belonging to the same event and round were always scheduled together. This is still possible, but matches can now also be scheduled individually independent from other matches.
    • Fewer restrictions on order of matches in same event. Of course a final must still be scheduled after a semi-final, but for example it is now allowed to schedule a quarter-final in the upper half of a knock-out event AFTER the semi-final in the lower half. Also it is now allowed to schedule group matches in any order.
    • New option for automatically sort matches when new matches are scheduled.
    • New function for automatically resolving conflicting matches.
  • New function for moving entries from one class or club to another class or club. This function is useful when you by mistake have typed in entries under the wrong class or club or when number of entries in one class is too low and you want to cancel the class and move entries to another class.
  • Withdrawals in double events can now be set for each individual player. The purpose of this is to be able to indicate when there is a withdrawal from one player and the other player wants to find another partner.
  • Program layout is now allowed before entering any entries. This can be useful when you want to create an invitation to the tournament and publish it on Cup2000’s web site.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Some times program sections for events could appear in a strange order. Now they will always appear sorted by class and event unless you have changed the order.
    • Error could occur if an invalid starting time was entered for a period. It is no longer possible to enter invalid starting times.
    • Wrong class could be shown as title in control lists grouped by class, club and event.
    • Invoice sent by email could be sent to wrong address in the case where double pairs existed with players from different clubs.
    • An error could occur when deleting an entire club in the case where the club was the only club with players in one event.

March 2007, Version 3.26

  • Bookmarks have now been added to the pdf file for program layout.
  • PDF files are now generated with compression for smaller size.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pool – Pool – Knock-Out tournament system that occurred with exactly 15 players/pairs, group size 4/3 and 4 middle plays.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pool – Knock-Out tournament system resulting in players from the same group meeting again in the first match of the play-off. This error could occur when there was exactly one group with 4 players and remaining groups with 3 players.

November 2006, Version 3.25

  • Changed the layout of the score sheet (1 per page)
  • Fixed bug in pdf generation related to publishing the program on Cup2000's website.

October 2006, Version 3.24

  • Fixed bug when sending e-mail with invoice for single club attached using Microsoft Office Outlook.

October 2006, Version 3.23

  • Fixed bug in the "Pool - Pool - Knock-out" tournament system when a "middle play" was defined that contained no players.

October 2006, Version 3.22

  • Fixed bug: Email addresses were not correctly passed to Microsoft Office Outlook.

October 2006, Version 3.21

  • Output to PDF-files has been improved:
    • Size of PDF-files has been reduced considerably, especially for files containing graphics.
    • Problem with overlapping player names and club names has been fixed.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Missing club names and addresses when printing labels on paper. This bug was introduced in version 3.20.

September 2006, Version 3.20

  • Publish tournaments on Cup2000 website on the Internet.
    You can now publish tournament programs in pdf-format and other informations on Cup2000 website where it can be retrieved by participants and other interested parties. Tournaments are easily published by using the new function that has been built into Cup2000.

August 2006, Version 3.10

  • Registration of contact information including email address for each club, each club/class and for each player.
  • Advanced functionality for selecting recipients from registered email addresses when sending out emails.
  • In invoice print-out, clubs that have an email address registered can be omitted from the print-out, since communication with these can be done by email instead of postal mail. Furthermore new functionality has been added for sending out specific emails to clubs having email addresses registered.
  • In label print-out, a count of players can now be printed on each label. Furthermore labels for clubs that have an email address registered can be omitted from the print-out, since communication with these can be done by email instead of postal mail.
  • In the play window, when you select (click on) a match in the list of upcoming matches, other upcoming matches that conflict with the selected upcoming match will now be marked. The purpose of this is to be able to see which upcoming matches will be "locked" BEFORE you start a match.
  • In "Program Layout and Print" you can now select and move MULTIPLE program sections in one go.
  • In "Interchange Players", seeded players are now marked and a warning is given if a seeded player is interchanged. Furthermore you can now use the mouse (drag and drop) to interchange players.
  • In the play window you can now use the mouse (drag and drop) to start a match.

November 2005, Version 3.02

  • The function "Update entries with new ranking information" has been improved:
    • Deleting entries is now allowed.
    • A check is made on correct age group and class.
    • The result of the update may now be printed, copied to the clipboard and saved to a file.
  • The list of upcoming matches in the Play Window can now be printed.
  • For matches that have been decided by walk-over, a text indicating the cause (e.g. "Injury") can now be entered. This text will be printed instead of the standard text "W.O".
  • During play it is now possible to change the scheduled match time for individual matches and to change the complete program text printed.
  • Import of ranking files ( from the Badminton Association of Norway (NBF) and export of results files to NBF.
  • For pool tournament systems where 2 players from each group proceed to same play-off:
    • Corrected placement of seeded players.
    • Changed placement of the runner-up's in the play-off so that runner-up's that were in a group with seeded players will not meet a seeded player in the first match in the play-off.
    • Corrected club separation in the draw
  • The calculation of conflicting matches in the "Match Schedule" function has been improved for rounds belonging to the same event. For these rounds the calculation is now based on each match in the rounds and not on each player and the probability of conflicting matches will be set to 100%.
  • The control of group size in pool events has been improved. It is now possible to select both a primary group size and a secondary group size. You can then control if you for example want 5 groups with 3 players in an event with 15 players, or if you want 3 groups with 4 players and one group with 3 players.
  • Text and graphics in program layout is now centred relative to the left and right margins and not to left and right edges of the paper.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Entering a pause above 59 minutes in the Play Window caused a "Fatal Error".
    • Match results were not updated when two players with confirmed withdrawals were interchanged after play has been started.
    • "Semi-final" and "Final" was wrongly printed on score sheets for matches in pool events.

March 2005, Version 2.23

  • Multi-language support of all print-outs. The few fixed texts can now be translated by the user to his own language.
  • It is now allowed to add and remove players, interchange players, change tournament system and carry out a new draw even after play has been started. Changes to one event will not affect match numbers of matches in other events.
  • Import of data from other Cup2000 file. This function can be used to merge data that has been entered by different persons on different computers into one file.
  • New tournament systems: Pool – Pool and Pool – Pool – Knock-out
  • Automatic transfers of changes (substitution, name change or withdrawal) made to a player in one event to other events where the player also participates.
  • Automatic update of Cup2000 from the Internet when new versions are available.
  • Upload of any print-out as a PDF file to web site using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Send any print-out in an e-mail as an attached PDF file.
  • Now two different principles for determining group ranking in the pool tournament system.
  • New check in the “Check entries” function: Maximum number of classes that the same player participates in.
  • After play has been started, conflicting matches are now checked across different periods.
  • Ranking point lists and result lists can now be printed at any time. When printed before all matches have been played, the lists will contain the results that have been determined at that time.
  • The function to interchange matches within a round has been improved to contain more details on each match.
  • In program layout, knock-out events that are too large to fit on one page will now be automatically split.
  • Number of participating players/pairs is now optionally printed below each knock-out event.
  • New print-out containing dummy entries in all events.